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November 2017

The November Stablefords were again well supported thanks to the continuing milder weather conditions. Club Captain Graham Jackson had featured in just about every event he’d entered since his American odyssey. In the Monthly Stableford he produced a fine round to pip Gerry Smith but just fell short in the Midweek Stableford behind John Waters who is continuing to develop his game and reputation as one to watch out for next season.

Members entered into the Foursomes Premier league were taking advantage of the favourable conditions and arranging their matches. Both leagues are now starting to take shape. Sitting at the top of the table in group A is the “Twenty Two’s” (Keith Squirrel and Steve Monks) and in group B the aptly named “Bandits” (Club Captain Graham and John Dixon) have a commanding advantage at this early stage. There is still much to play for in both groups and I’m sure that there will be some close matches over the coming weeks.

Every year the Three Club Challenge competition creates a lot of interest. In the weeks leading up to the event there’s always much discussion as to which are the best club’s to take. Should you take a putter or not? Which irons are best? Each player makes their own choice of course but it is an important consideration. Once again Club Captain Graham set the pace with a decent if not spectacular score. The temperature had cooled considerably and playing conditions were far from easy, especially with just three clubs. As the scores started to be returned it was looking increasingly likely that the Captain would indeed walk off with yet another trophy. Until that is, Peter Philips spoilt the party with a fine score, under the circumstances, to be crowned champion.

With two months of the Autumn/Winter season gone John Hawkins leads the Winter Eclectic table just ahead of Alan Smith. Remember the Winter Eclectic is played over just four rounds. There’s still plenty of time for you to register your entry before the competition closes on March 31st 2018

Don’t forget to enter the December Turkey Trot on Saturday 16th it promises to be a lot of fun with seasonal fare and a spot of golf!

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