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Summer Competition Award Winners 2018

Ash Valley Golf Club

Summer Competition Award Winners 2018

Monthly & Midweek Medal Winners

K. Brown, J. Dixon, A. Webb, P. Phillips, A. Smith, B. Benton, D. Grazioli, G. Jackson

Monthly & Midweek Stableford Winners

J. Hawkins, J. Procter, S. Monks, K. Brown, P. Phillips, B. Watkinson, K. Tomkins, M. Saterlay

Rabbit Cup

Runner-up S. Monks – Winner B. Purton

Rabbit Cup Winner

Hickory Championship

Runner-up S. Monks – Winner A. Smith

Summer Scramble

Runners-up J. Procter, A. Best, D. White – Winners Club Captain J. O’Sullivan, M. Forster, M. Dowling

Singles Match Play Championship

Runner-up M. Dowling – Winner K. Brown

Ash Valley Open

Runner-up B. Benton – Winner I. Clibbon

Ash Valley Open

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Charity Day

Runner-up D. Palmer – Winner K. Squirrell

Captains Day

Runner-up M. O’Conner – Winner Club Captain J. O’Sullivan

Family Day

Winners – K. Brown & Mrs C. Brown

Ash Valley Masters

Runner-up G. Smith –Winner R. Rawlinson

Cyril Pooley Memorial

Runner-up G. Jackson –Winner R. Rawlinson

Stableford Cup

Runner-up K. Brown –Winner P. Phillips

Eclectic Trophy

Runner-up G. Smith –Winner K. Squirrell

Pairs Match Play Championship

Runners-up B. Purton & D. Grazioli –Winners S. Monks & K. Squirrell

Handicap Championship

Runner-up K. Brown –Winner P. Phillips

Club Championship

Runner-up P. Phillips – Winner K. Brown

Order of Merit

Runner-up K. Brown –Winner & Champion Golfer of the Year P. Phillips

Rosborough Cup

On Saturday October 20th the members gathered to play in the annual Rosborough Cup match between the Captain’s and Vice Captain’s teams. As always great care had been taken to ensure that the teams were as evenly matched as possible and everyone was looking forward to a close contest. Conditions were perfect and the course looked magnificent as the first groups set off into the warm autumn sunshine. Despite losing his match to the stand in Vice Captain Malcolm Rosborough, whose name adorns the trophy, the early results gave Captain James much to feel positive about. Mark Dowling, Karl Brown, Mark Forster and young Sam Knight all recorded victories for the Captain’s team and stormed into a 4-1 lead. To everyone in the clubhouse it looked like a nailed on win for the Captain as he only needed one more point from the remaining four matches. However Andrew Wincott added a point for the Vice Captain and he was soon followed by John Procter with another. Now the final outcome looked a little less certain and not long after Keith Squirrell levelled the score at 4-4. The unlikely comeback was complete when Brian Purton held off a spirited challenge from Head Greenkeeper Michael Bassett to secure a 4-5 win for the Vice Captain. The Presentation of the Cup was followed by a wonderful lunch prepared by Caroline and Janine that helped ease the pain of the losers and further fuel the spirits of the victors.

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